We are the Lincolnshire North and Humber (Scunthorpe) Branch of the RSPCA. We are one of 165 independent branch charities that support the local work of the RSPCA’s inspectors.

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA we are responsible for raising all of our own funds to help animals in our area. We are run by local volunteers and raise money through fundraising events, donations and legacies.

We take in animals that have been removed by our inspectors due to welfare concerns. We also take in animals from the public that need rehoming. As a result we always have a number of animals looking for homes. Some of these animals can be viewed on this website and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We run trapping and neutering schemes for feral cats.

We run a subsidised cat neutering scheme for people on benefits or with low income.

We provide discounted microchipping for dogs, cats and small animals.

We can also provide limited assistance for people in receipt of benefits who are struggling with their veterinary bills.

We do all of this without an animal centre as we are only a small struggling branch. Our animals are fostered out with volunteers or privately boarded.

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